>Standard values can be changed by entering them directly or by using the slider.
Operating Mode
Flow temperature (tw1 in °C)
Return temperature (tw2 in °C)
Entering air temperature [°C]
Control voltage [V]108642
Heat output [W]2,9362,4932,0231,515961
Nominal fan speed [1/min]1,100925750575400
Air volume [m³/h]1961571198142
Air outlet temperature [°C]66.467.568.770.171.9
Water volumetric flow [l/h]25221417313082
Water pressure drop [kPa]5.474.102.841.710.77
Power uptake [W]2017954
Sound pressure level [dB(A)]35332723< 20
Sound power level [dB(A)]43413531< 28
Weight [kg]3030303030